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Display Advertising

Display advertising accounts for all those ads, pop-ups and posts that covey a visual message of your business on relevant websites. It uses various mediums such as text, logos, animations, videos, photographs or other graphics. Uploading advertisements on innumerable popular websites which have incredible traffic flow helps in registering your site in the minds of your target group and further driving them back to the landing page.

Using a technique called behavioral targeting, we target users with particular traits to increase the advertisement’s effect and to get the information about your product/service delivered to the target audience. In the advertisement, we highlight certain benefits or features of your product.

By smartly using advertising services, display advertising can be done and utilized in a manner, which would increase clicks on your website and boost your business. With this, you can organically drive even those customers who are not actively searching for you.

Features of Display Advertising:-
  • Can be personalized based on a user’s location through geo-targeting
  • Ads come in a variety of sizes, including half and full-page ads
  • Company’s products and services are displayed
  • Compelling and logical reasons to buy a certain product are displayed
  • Ads can be in  the form of floating ads, video ads and animated banners